enzo Podcast

Enzo Unlimited Podcast. 

Enzo founder Marcus Frye and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through the  life experiences that have shaped the world around them.

With the understanding that one different perspective can introduce you to an entire new world, we hope people take what they hear from our guests, and apply it to their own lives. 


The first episode is out now!!!!!

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Episode Guest: Whitney Pitman

Owner of Moonlight Mesa Breathwork Individualized and group sessions offered over zoom or in person.

Wanting the chance to connect people back to their true selves so they can live from this space of peace! 

"If the pain was deep you will have to let it go many     times." - Yung Pueblo

Breathwork is a practice of allowing our systems to see a different perspective whereby we feel deeply connected to our bodies and understand and experience the intelligence contained within our systems. Breathwork is a way to heal, release, and transform.

It’s no secret that most of us struggle with the everyday pressures of life. We’re living in an age where we’re busier than ever, our attention is constantly being pulled in different directions and our minds are in overdrive. Because of this, often we can be disconnected from our bodies. It’s easy in this state to become buried in feelings and emotions and we don’t know how to deal with or process. For many of us, the norm is being constantly stressed, anxious, worried, and overwhelmed. 

Breathwork allows us to be still, be with ourselves, and breathe and feel through our experiences. We were given the tool of breath since birth, but most people are unaware of how powerful and transformational the breath can be. 

 Here are the most common benefits of breathwork:

» Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief.

» Connect with your emotions & change your response to them.

» Revitalizes your organs.

» Gives you access to your higher power.

» Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release.

» More energy & mental clarity.

» Deepens your relationship to your body.

» Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years.

» Better access your intuition, higher self, and source